Foundation programmes leading to admission to Year 1 Medicine MBBS and Dentistry MBChB


The Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau is pleased to announce the start of application process for 2018/2019 Foundation programmes leading to admission to Year 1 Medicine and Dentistry (MBBS/MBChB) at selected universities.  SACB has teamed up with University of Aberdeen, University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), University of Glasgow, University of Manchester and Queen Mary University to provide students with an opportunity to apply for Medical foundation programmes, leading to progression into Bachelors Medical programmes (MBChB) in the same university.  Please note that places are limited and progression to year 1 is subject to successful completion of the foundation course.

The applications are open to anyone who has interest in studying Medicine and is able to provide:

  1. Saudi General Secondary Education Certificate (GSEC) [Shahdat Al-Marhala Al-Thanawiyyat]
  2. IELTS: no less than 6.0 (overall)
  3. UKCAT (please see individual university requirements)
  4. Personal Statement (optional)
  5. Work experience (favourable)
  6. Interviews through Skype may be requested by some universities

More information about the entry requirements, course details, and progression information for each of the universities is available in the links below:

  1. University of Aberdeen  
  2. University of Central Lancashire 
  3. University of Glasgow 
  4. University of Manchester 
  5. Queen Mary University 


Please note:

  • Any offer of a place for the Medical Foundation Course at any of the 5 Universities will not automatically result in/or guarantee a scholarship from the MOE.  You are strongly advised to apply directly to the MOE for a scholarship and obtain evidence of your scholarship.

  •  Applications to the Medical Foundation Programme is open to BOTH prospective MOE Scholarship Holders and Privately Funded students

  • Places for the courses at each university are limited, and therefore please ensure that your paperwork is complete so your application can be considered before the deadline

  • Progression to the Bachelor’s programme is not guaranteed and each university has different progression criteria, please check each university link above
  • You can only apply for either Medicine or Dentistry, but not both
  • If you would like to apply directly to Year 1 of the Bachelors of Medicine degree without a foundation year, you must apply through UCAS by October 15th of the previous year


Application process and deadlines


Apply to


University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

SACB webform


University of Aberdeen

SACB webform 


University of Glasgow

SACB webform 


University of Manchester

Directly to University 


Queen Mary University

Directly to University 


To apply please complete and submit the following UKSACB web form (including the individual university application form):

Additional Information



Personal Statement Samples: Please use caution when writing your personal statements; these samples are to be used as guidelines only.  Universities take plagiarism very seriously and will automatically reject your application if they believe your work has been plagiarised.

Frequently Asked Questions: