King Abdulaziz Foundation



(Darah) King Abdulaziz Foundation was established by a Royal Decree on 5th of Shaaban 1392 AH, corresponding to 1972 AD. It aims to serve the history, geography literature and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as of other Arab and Islamic countries in general.


King Abdulaziz Foundation aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Studying, publishing and translating books that serve Saudi Arabia's history, geography, literature and intellectual and civil monuments, as well as that of the Arabian Peninsula and other Arab and Islamic countries
  • Conducting research and organising lectures and seminars on the biography and history of King Abdulaziz, the Kingdom and its rulers and other Saudi prominent figures
  • Collecting and preserving the references on the Kingdom's history
  • Make a database to include everything relevant to the biography of King Abdulaziz and other figures and to the antiquities of the Saudi state since its establishment
  • Grant an annual award, titled "King Abdulaziz Award"
  • Issue a cultural journal that serves the purposes of King Abdulaziz Foundation
  • Establish a library that contains all the references relevant to the purposes of King Abdulaziz Foundation
  • Serving male and female researchers in the relevant fields