King Abdulaziz Public Library



  • Established in the year (1405 / 1985) King Abdulaziz Public Library is set to deal with the affairs of the book and its beneficiaries. The objective of this charity-run establishment is to provide human resources of knowledge and to organize, facilitate and make knowledge accessible to researches and scholars
  • The library is currently complete in advanced equipment, modern systems and diverse information to facilitate access by researchers and students studying the literature of Arab and foreign knowledge
  • It offers office and information services to women and children through the women’s library and the library of children. Special attention is given to documenting the history of Saudi Arabia and the history of King Abdulaziz in particular, in that the library is honoured to bear his name. It also makes every effort to acquire Arab and Islamic heritage manuscripts and to reproduce them in a manner befitting the modern age
  • The library’s scientific and cultural activities are exemplified by providing community services through seminars, lectures and exhibitions, participating in religious, national and social events, encouraging scientific writings, translating and publishing new research
  • The library has been honoured by being responsible for implementing cultural projects as important as the global prize of the Custodian of the Two Holy Masques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz which is dedicated to the promotion of translation, the unified  Arab index award, the Arab digital library, the Encyclopaedia of Saudi Arabia and the national project for the renewal of interest in book-reading