Obeikan Publishers & Booksellers Co.


We aim to operate the best specialty retail business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, across the G.C.C. & throughout the Pan Arab World. Headquarter in lively Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, privately held Top 100 Company with annual Sales of over 300 millions. We operate over 20 Bookstores in Saudi Arabia. In addition, we have a growing national and international presence with plans for expansions in KSA, Egypt, and the G.C.C., where we operate Knowledge, Technology, Electronics, Entertainment, and Stationeries of renowned International brands. In addition, we operate our own brands of Troy laptop and PC accessories, Maden; a retailer brand of innovative stationeries, and Schneider the German innovator top brand in professional corporate writing pens & its accessories.



  • Obeikan is the first-largest bookseller in the G.C.C. and the Arab World
  • Between our stores and our online operations, Obeikan sells just over 8 million books per year
  • Obeikan Bookshop has more than 150,000 Arabic Titles
  • More than 10,000 children Titles
  • Obeikan Published more than 1,800 titles
  • Obeikan translated more than 500 Titles to Arabic
  • Obeikan published more than 500 Titles for children
  • More than 50,000 Titles in English books
  • Obeikan database has more than 5,000,000 Titles of foreign books
  • Obeikan is the exclusive publisher & agent for Cambridge Titles in Saudi Arabia
  • Obeikan represents more than 120 international publishing houses
  • Obeikan booksellers take more than 8 million customer orders a year and fulfill more than    5,000
  • Customer service requests every day