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About SACB

Core functions of the Cultural Bureau, Embassy of Saudi Arabia, London:


The academic side

  • Follow up on the progress made by the sponsored students and ask universities and institutes to send periodic reports on this progress at the end of every semester and whenever the need arises; submit to the Ministry of Higher Education and other sponsorship authorities the contents of these reports.
  • Hold regular meetings with the students to learn about their conditions of study and help them overcome arising difficulties.
  • Visit the universities and institutes with the aim of learning from officials and supervisors about the progress of Saudi students.
  • Seek to obtain scholarships for Saudi students in scientific subjects of rare or highly competitive nature.
  • Help students to enroll in universities or institutes appropriate to their studies and recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Hold scientific conferences for Saudi students and enable them to discuss their subjects of study.
  • Attest the authenticity of the certificates issued by the United Kingdom.

The scientific side

  • Strengthen links with universities, institutes and scientific centers and inform their officials of the Cultural Bureau, its activities and functions through personal visits and participation in cultural and scientific events.
  • Form links between Saudi universities and institutions of higher education and scientific research, and their counterparts in the United Kingdom.
  • Prepare an inventory of universities and scientific research centers in terms of their activities, production and orientations in order to provide them with the names of the corresponding counterparts in the Kingdom.
  • Participate in the drafting of the agreements concluded between Saudi universities and the Ministry of Education and institutions of higher education and scientific research in the United Kingdom.

The cultural side

  • Communicate with libraries in order to identify their collections of Arabic and Islamic manuscripts.
  • Prepare inventory of prominent publishing houses and their relevant publications to the Kingdom.
  • Follow up on what is published in the media and is of interest to the kingdom scientifically and culturally.
  • Follow up on the civilizational and cultural aspects that are of common interest between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.
  • Cooperate with the concerned authorities with the aim of inviting prominent UK scientists and scholars to the Kingdom.
  • Coordinate with the concerned authorities with the aim of inviting Saudi scholars to carry out cultural and scientific activities in the United Kingdom.
  • Organization of conferences, cultural weeks and exhibitions in the UK.
  • Acquaint interested parties with the scientific, cultural and urban-based aspects of Saudi life and inform scientific institutes of the latest publication on the relative subject.
  • Organizing cultural activities and coordination with the concerned authorities to invite British and Saudi scholars and intellectuals to participate.
  • Acquaint the relevant institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the heritage of the United Kingdom.
  • Urge Saudi students to participate in cultural activities held in the universities and scientific centers and do not conflict with Islamic faith and Saudi traditions.
  • Transfer of developments in world knowledge and culture commensurate with customs and tradition in the kingdom.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the activities of Saudi students and their clubs.