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Department of Education

The main supervisory functions of the Department of Education are as follows:

  1.  The study and accomplishing of electronic applications of scholarship students  through the portal gate.
  2.  Follow-up of academic affairs of students and reporting to the concerned  authorities.
  3.  Communications with educational institutions (universities – colleges – schools)  regarding the progress of students.
  4.  Issue of financial guarantees according to the instructions of scholarship  authorities.
  5.  Coordination with financial authorities in relation with rewards and resumption  of payment of fees and expenses.

We would like to inform the students with the following:

  • The option to request academic inquiry is for the purpose of inquiry only.
  • The option to request general request for application is for requests not included  in the list of services.

The objectives the Department of Education hopes to achieve are:

  • Satisfaction and completion of assigned work as soon as possible (with high quality in mind).
  • Contribute to simplification of procedures in academic and administrative areas, and in order to achieve quality goals.
  • Develop strategies to implement standards of excellence.