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Saudi Universities


​​​​​​​​​The Ministry of Education – Higher Education was established in 1395 Hijri (1975) to Supervise, Plan, and Coordinate for KSA’s needs in the area of Higher Education with a view to provide National Cadres who are specialized in Administrative, and Scientific areas, and who would serve the National Development Objectives.

Higher Education has proceeded apace in most areas, and the number of registered State Universities are 26 Universities with high absorptive capacity. These Universities are Geographically distributed to the different Reg​ions of KSA. All these Universities are linked with the Ministry of Education but enjoy a great deal of Administrative, and Academic Autonomy.
The Ministry also takes care of the affairs of Saudi Students who study in Foreign Universities. These Students are distributed to Several Countries, and are studying different Scientific Subjects that are needed in KS​A.
Through Supervision, and Coordination with Universities, the Ministry pays significant attention to Scientific Research which is an important component of Scientific, and Cultural progress, and a part of the functions, and tasks of Universities. Support is provided to specialized Research Institutes, and Centers as well as to the organization of Scientific Seminars, and Conferences in these Universities. Providing the opportunity to the Teaching Staff Members in Saudi Universities to take part in Specialized Scientific Activities, and have access to developments in their areas of specialty.​