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Al-Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University


The faculty of Sharia was inaugurated in Riyadh in 1373 Hijri (1954), and the Faculty of Arabic in Riyadh was inaugurated in 1374 Hijri (1955). More academic institutes were inaugurated later. The University’s name was the General Presidency of Faculties, and Academic Institutes.
On 23/08/1394 Hijri (10 September 1974), Royal Decree No. M/50 issued, which was based on the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 1100 dated 17/08/1394 Hijri (04 September 1974) that approved the Statute of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, and approved the University’s status as a Higher Education Institution.
The University included Higher Education Institutes, Faculties, and Academic Institutes. The University has been continuingly expanding since its establishment. It currently includes 11 faculties, including 5 faculties in Riyadh and 6 faculties in Qassim, Al-Ahsa, the Southern Region and Medina.
The University has two institutes in Riyadh also​; the Judicial Institute, and the Institute for Teaching Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers. Further, the University has six institutes abroad to teach Islamic, and Arab sciences in Ras Al Khaimah, Mauritania, Djibouti, Indonesia, in the United States and Japan, as well as 60 academic institutes throughout KSA.
Due to this extensive expansion, the University approved in its second five-year plan the construction of the University City in the north of Riyadh.
The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin AbdulAziz laid the foundation stone for the project on 09/03/1402 Hijri (04 January 1982); on this date, the University started the execution of the project.
The following phases of the project were completed:
Phase I: The Student Housing Area.
Phase II: The First Part of the Educational Area.
Phase III: The First Part of the Services Area.
Phase IV: The First Part of the Medical Center, and Sports Area.
Phase V: The First Part of the Teaching Staff Housing Area.
Moving to the University City, was in the beginning of the academic year 1411 Hijri (1990), and this had significant positive effects on the academic process in the University as well as on all the other activities of the University. The impact of this move is not restricted to quantitative aspects as it also has had a good impact on qualitative aspects in the different faculties, institutes, deanships, and units of the University.


  • The University is an academic, and cultural institution which operates in accordance with the Islamic Sharia.
  • The University implements the education policy by providing undergraduate, and postgraduate education.
  • The advancement of scientific research, authoring, translation, and publishing.
  • Serving the community, within the limits of its specialty. 
For more information, please visit University’s website. ​

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