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Jazan University


Jazan University was established by Royal Decree No. 6616 /M B dated 12/05/1426 Hijri (18 June 2005). The University is the result of the merger of many colleges, which were created, and supervised by King AbdulAziz University, and King Khalid University.
The Ministry of Education added several new colleges to the merged colleges to form the new university. Work is under way to construct the University’s facilities on the Red Sea. The University is beautifully and attractively designed as its buildings, and facilities overlap with seawater through an industrial bay that penetrates the university city. In the center of the University, there is a lake.
The University includes the six following faculties:
  • The Faculty of Medicine 
  • The Faculty of Engineering 
  • The Faculty of Computer, and Information Systems 
  • The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences 
  • The Faculty of Science, and the Community College​ 
The first five faculties grant Bachelor’s degrees while the Community College grants Diploma degrees. These faculties develop students’ skills, and train them on various scientific applications. They fine-tune students’ talents, and develop their spirit of creativity.
They provide competencies needed by the community. Further, an approval was given to establish supporting deanships as follows:
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs 
  • The Deanship of Admission, and Registration 
  • The Deanship of Library Affairs 
​The University management is thus complete.
For more information, please visit University’s website.

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