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King AbdulAziz University carries the name of the founder of Saudi Arabia – may rest his soul in peace. The University was established in 1387 Hijri (1967) as a private university with the aim to spread higher education in the Western area of Saudi Arabia. The first academic year began in 1388 Hijri (1968), with the inauguration of the preparation study program with a few number of students (68 male students and 30 female students,). The year after, the University inaugurated the faculty of Economics and Management; the first faculty in the University.
The Council of Ministers issued a decision in 1394 Hijri (1974) to transfer the University from a private university to a state university. At the same time, another decision was issued to merge the College of Sharia, and the College of Higher Education which were established in 1369 Hijri (1949) in Makkah into King AbdulAziz University. These two colleges were separated from King AbdulAziz University, and merged into Umm Al-Qura University after its establishment.
The adoption by the government of this newly established university and the significant support it provided had greatly contributed to the transformation of King AbdulAziz University to a modern university that currently accommodates 82,152 male and female students. The University occupies a privileged position among higher education institutions in KSA.
King AbdulAziz University includes two separate campuses (one for females and the other for males) as per the requirements of the Islamic Sharia. Each of the two campuses is equipped with all academic, cultural, sports and recreational facilities, as well as a large library which is equipped with the most up to date technologies to serve students, and the teaching staff.
In four decades, the University has become one of the most prominent local, and international higher education institution. It offers educational programs for the preparation of graduates to do works in line with the community’s changing educational needs.
The university has witnessed significant development in terms of quality, and quantity and it has become one of the most prominent universities in KSA in terms of the number of students, the diverse and integral scientific and theoretical fields of study, and some specializations such as Seas Sciences, Meteorology, Geology, Nuclear Engineering, Aviation, Mining and Medical Engineering.
The University’s programs are not restricted to regular students but they also include external programs to make it easy for all students to receive higher education. Further, the study at the University is not restricted to traditional methods. The University established the Deanship of Distant Learning to keep pace with scientific, technical, and cultural developments, as well as to make it easy for students wishing to join distance learning programs to proceed with their higher education, and take the steps to a better future.
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