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Qassim University


In the academic year 1423/1424 Hijri (2002/2003), Royal Decree No. 7/3/22042 ordered the merger of the branches of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, and King Saud University in Qassim into Qassim University. Girls’ colleges in Qassim, as well as the Teachers College in Ar-Rass, were also merged into Qassim University.
The University’s main campus is in the middle of Qassim, near Qassim Regional Airport. It is built on an area of 7.8 million square meters. Several colleges of the University are also spread across the region with separate buildings.
The University currently includes a number of faculties as follows:
  • The Faculty of Sharia, and Fundamentals of Religion
  • The Faculty of Arabic, and Social Sciences
  • The Faculty of Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine
  • The Faculty of Economics, and Management
  • The Faculty of Science
  • The Faculty of Medicine
  • The Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Computer
  • The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences
  • The Faculty of Pharmacy​ 
  • The Faculty of Dentistry 
  • The Faculty of Science in Zulfi 
  • The Teachers College in Al-Rass 
  • The Community College – Buraidah​
  • The Community College – Unaizah 
The University also includes nine Girls’ colleges with scientific, literary, educational, and rehabilitative programs.
The number of students enrolled in Qassim University during the academic year 1428/1429 Hijri (2007/2008) were 40,000 students, and the number of the teaching staff members totaled over 4,000.
For more information, please visit University’s website.

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