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Saudi Electronic University


In the Royal Decree No. 37409 /b dated 10/09/1432 Hijri (09 August 2011), The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques approval – may rest in peace – approved the establishment of the Saudi Electronic University, as a state educational institution, that provides higher education, and lifelong learning. The University completes the system of educational institutions under the aegis of the Higher Education Council.
The University includes:
  • The Faculty of Administrative, and Financial Sciences 
  • The Faculty of Computing, and Informatics 
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences
It grants undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees, and offers courses in continuous learning, and lifelong learning.
The University is in the city of Riyadh and will expand its educational centers in the regions in accordance with its approved plan. The University aims at obtaining academic credits internally and externally, promoting the quality of its outputs.
The University will also provide higher education based on the best education models, and e-learning, and distance education applications and techniques.
It will also exert efforts to transfer, and localize leading knowledge in collaboration with local, and international universities, organizations, and teaching staff members, using refined educational content from quality academic sources.
It will localize this content in line with the requirements of the Saudi society. The University supports the introduction of the mission, and concept of lifelong learning for all the members of the Saudi society.
For more information, please visit  University’s website.

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