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Taibah University



Taibah University (TaibahU) was founded in 2003.

Location: Madinah / Universities Road


To be an internationally accredited, and comprehensive state university dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and community service.


  • Provide top-notch academic programs in various disciplines.
  • Develop and support research that contributes to knowledge enrichment and achievement of national developmental goals.
  • Meet market and national developmental needs of highly qualified graduates capable of effectively competing in today’s knowledge economy, and globalized world.
  • Reinforce Taibah University role in serving the community, and building a knowledge society.
  • Create an environment supportive of productivity, and excellence.

Taibah University Colleges:

The University was first established with only seven colleges. By 1434, the University had evolved to include 30 colleges and institutes, including 17 in the University’s Headquarters in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah. The rest are distributed to the University’s six branches in Yanbu, Al-Ula, Hanakiya, Khaybar, Al-Mahd and Badr.

The University’s colleges are as follows:​

  1. Medicine
  2. Applied Sciences
  3. Engineering
  4. Engineering – Yanbu
  5. Computer Science and Engineering
  6. Computer Science and Engineering –Yanbu
  7. Family Science
  8. Education
  9. Arts and Humanities
  10. Arts and Humanities – Yanbu
  11. Business Administration 
  12. Dentistry
  13. Pharmacy
  14. Applied Medical Science
  15. Applied Medical Science –Yanbu
  16. Applied Medical Science – Al-Ula
  17. Medical Rehabilitation
  18. Nursing
  19. Science
  20. Science – Yanbu
  21. Business Administration – Yanbu
  22. Law
  23. Arts & Humanities – Al-Ula
  24. Community College
  25. Community College – Hanakiya
  26. Community College – Khaybar
  27. Community College – Al-Mahd
  28. Community College – Al-Ula
  29. Community College – Badr
  30. Higher Institute of Imams​

Number of Academic Staff Members:

The number of Taibah University faculty members is 1,387. The University also employs 1,307 teaching assistants, lecturers, and language teachers.

Number of Students:

Taibah University has witnessed a radical increase in the number of its students (Men & Women). The number of students in the different levels increased from 7,761 in the academic year 1424/1425 Hijri (2003/2004) to 60,055 in the academic year 1433/1434 H (2012/2013).

​Academic Programs and Degrees:

The number of academic programs in the University is 126, and the University grants 7 degrees as follows:

  • Associate 
  • Bachelor 
  • General Diploma 
  • Higher Diploma 
  • Master 
  • Ph.D.

Parallel and Distance Education:

​In addition to its regular programs, Taibah University offers parallel, and distance education using advanced technology and partial face-to-face training. These programs enable students from the Madinah Region to pursue their studies in various fields.

For more information, please visit University’s website​.

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