Taif University


Royal Decree No. 115 was issued on 27/05/1400 Hijri (12 April 1980), almost a quarter of a century ago, to establish the Education College in Taif as a part of King AbdulAziz University.
The College was merged into Umm Al-Qura University under Royal Decree No. 24187 dated 27/10/1402 Hijri (17 August 1982). The start of the academic year began in the first semester of the academic year 1401/1402 Hijri (1981/1982).
The number of students enrolled in the College increased; around 6,000 students were registered in 1418 Hijri (1998). Given this increase in the number of students, Royal Decree No. 170/M dated 06/04/1419 Hijri (30 July 1998) ordered the establishment of the College of Science and merge scientific departments into it. The Decree also ordered the establishment of a new computer department.
The Royal Decree ordered the transformation of Umm Al-Qura University’s branch in Taif into an independent university. Royal Decree No. 7/B/22042 dated 10/05/1424 Hijri (09 July 2003) named the university as Taif University.
Since the issuance of the Royal Decree establishing it, the University has transformed supporting vice presidencies into independent deanships. The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies was created and preparations were made to start classes at the Faculty of Medicine which the Royal Decree ordered to create.
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