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Umm Al-Qura University


The establishment of Umm Al-Qura University in KSA is distinctive; it is a scientific, and cultural institution interested in Islam, and the consolidation of Islamic perceptions in various fields of science, and arts as well as in the needs of rapid development by contributing to manpower development, and provision of services required by both the public, and private sectors.
The University started in 1369 Hijri (1949) when the College of Sharia was inaugurated as the first higher education institution in the higher education modern concept in KSA. A higher education institute; the Teachers College, was opened in 1372 Hijri (1952) and operated until the academic year 1378/1379 Hijri (1958/1959).
Teachers’ preparation was then the duty of the College of Sharia in 1380/1381 Hijri (1960/1961) and the College was renamed the College of Sharia and Education. In 1382 Hijri (1962), the College of Education was established in Makkah and became independent from the College of Sharia.
The two colleges were affiliated with the Ministry of Knowledge until they were merged into King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah in 1391 Hijri (1971). They were then merged into Umm Al-Qura University, and constituted together with the Arabic Language Institute the building stone of Umm Al-Qura University.
In Shaaban 1401, a Royal Decree ordered the establishment of Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, and a separate budget was approved to the University as of 01/07/1401 Hijri (04 May 1981). The University’s Statute was issued by the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 190 dated 19/09/1401 Hijri (20 July 1981).
The main objectives that the University has been seeking to achieve include the following:
  • Provide higher education, and postgraduate programs to prepare citizens who are qualified to perform duties needed for the advancement of the nation in the light of the principles of Islam.
  • Play a constructive role in scientific research by preparing, and encouraging the preparation of research, the establishment of research centers, and finding appropriate solutions to the requirements of our sophisticated life and technical trends.
  • Prepare specialized scholars, and teachers.
  • Contribute to meeting the needs of the Islamic countries that provide various academic specialties to their citizens.
In early 1406 Hijri (1986), the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Bin AbdulAziz laid the foundation stone of the University’s campus in Al-Abdiah to pursue its victorious educational march in Makkah, accommodate the growing number of female, and male students applying for admission, and to keep abreast of civilization, and urbanization development of universities in KSA.
Gradual moving to the new Headquarters of the University in Al-Abdiah began early in the academic year 1415 Hijri (1995). By then, the University included three faculties which are the Faculty of Sharia, and Islamic Studies, the Faculty of Arabic language, and the Faculty of Engineering, and Islamic Architecture.
A Royal Decree was issued in 1416 Hijri (1996) to establish the Faculty of Medicine, and Medical Science. The University is proceeding with the construction of its buildings, and facilities.
For more information, please visit University’s website.

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